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Lived in colour transformation

This is my signature style of colour. Natural, effortless, healthy and multi dimensional.

 to create this look I use a full balayage foil technique with Olaplex strengthening in all my colour, you'll also get face framing, a root blend, brightened ends, custom gloss, with a haircut and styling.

Suitable for all hair colours.

Service duration 4 hours £240

 For guests with much thicker longer hair this service will take 4.5 hours and will be £280

The beachy blonde

This service is for the perfect laidback blonde with a low maintenance feel. It's a more rooty, textural blonde that feels like summer hair all year round. It includes a half head of foils and freehand balayage for those bright ends, Olaplex strengthening treatment, custom glossing with a haircut & styling.

Best for prelightened hair and guests with a light natural colour.

Service duration 3.5 hours £212


Hand painted lightening. This is my freehand technique that creates a warm sun kissed look. Includes Olaplex, custom gloss, haircut and styling.

   Best results on natural hair (no previous colour) or prelightened hair.

Full head application duration 3.5 hours £210

partial application 3 hours duration £180

Reverse balayage

This service is for when you want to add depth back into prelightened hair, but are still looking for a multi dimensional colour. This service includes a full head of balayage lowlights, olaplex, root blending, haircut & style.

Duration 3.5 hours £220

Custom full foil

My version of the full head highlight. I tailor my foils to the individual customising my weave and placement for the desired look. Custom glossing and Olaplex are included to create a smooth beautiful blended colour.

Duration 4 hours £210 - £230

Custom half foil

A half head of foils tailored to you, with personalised weave and placement. This service includes custom glossing , Olaplex, haircut and styling.

Duration 3 hours £175

Lived in colour top up

This service is for a few months after a full lived in session when you want more than just a face frame refresh.

 It includes a partial foil through the top of your hair to essentially 'move up' your lighter pieces, face framing, custom glossing, wet balayage, Olaplex treatment, haircut & styling.

Duration 3.5 hours £210

Face frame & luxury colour refresh

The perfect in-between service for a lived in colour. Fresh face framing foils to make your colour pop again with a custom gloss, Olaplex treatment, haircut & style.

Duration 2.5 hours £150

Luxury colour refresh

Refresh your existing colour with a luxury gloss, Olaplex treatment, wash cut & style.

This service does not include any lightening.

Duration 2 hours £133

Wash cut & Style - This service is not currently available to new clients 


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