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Revive the scalp with this unique scalp scrub, designed to scrub away the impurities regular shampoo misses.


Ideal for all hair types. It uses a cleansing blend of perlite, a natural sphere that exfoliates the scalp while protecting it's natural properties, micellar water, to remove build up and attract excess oil, and celery seed extract, which detoxes, regulates sebum production and reduces irritation. Perfect for use as pre-wash, this exfoliating treatment purifies the scalp, and protects it from dryness. Suitable for men and women. Key benefits gently exfoliates relieves irritation on the scalp re-balances and clarifies suitable for all hair types, including coloured hair.


How to use Kevin Murphy SCALP.SPA SCRUB

Apply to wet hair Using fingertips massage in circular motions on the scalp and rootsRinse thoroughlyFor best results, follow with the SCALP.SPA WASH

 About the Kevin Murphy SCALP.SPA range,  usually Kevin Murphy WASHES are enough to maintain a healthy scalp in regular circumstances, however over the years people have developed irritations and irritants on their scalp, such as product build up, excess oil, and sensitivity, which can be caused by a range of factors, including environmental aggressors, like humidity. Kevin Murphy developed the SCALP.SPA range to tackle these issues, to help maintain a healthy scalp, so that your hair, and future hair is healthy, nourished and protected. Packed with a range of skin loving ingredients (like all of Kevin Murphy's products), the SCALP.SPA products promote overall hair health, from scalp, to root, to the tips!

Scalp scrub

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